Add Days to Your Life AND Life to Your Days

4th January 2019

Life expectancy is at its all-time high, the fact that so many people are living longer, well into their 80s and 90s is a wonderful ideal. However, the sad reality is that living longer doesn’t always include a good quality of life, it’s not a package deal. Swallowing handfuls of pills every day, losing independence […]

Festive Follies Survival Strategies

30th November 2018

Forget Tough Mudder, with shopping mayhem and rampaging relatives, financial stress, late nights, too much TV and over-indulging – the festive season can be the most gruelling event on the calendar. It’s no wonder that nearly every one of us emerges from it with a New Year’s resolution of detoxing, getting fit and losing weight! […]

Game On: Avoiding Injury

9th November 2018

From the die-hard fans to the devoted players and little dreamers in backyards everywhere – it’s unlikely that you’ll manage to escape the craze that comes with football. Alas, the game we love does not come without consequence. Unfortunately, soccer injuries are all too common. Muscle injuries are a frequent occurrence among soccer players. This type […]

Low Back Pain & Sleep

12th October 2018

Back Pain: The Chain of Command Your spine is essentially the chain that forms the ‘backbone’ of your entire body. Without it you would be a blob of muscles, organs and soft tissue piled on the floor. Your spine commands respect because it is the pillar that supports your body, allows you to walk, stand […]

Massage Therapy

2nd October 2018

It is estimated that between 35-43% of the UK population is estimated to suffer from chronic pain, that’s 28 million people. It accounts for 40% of time off work and costs the NHS over £10 billion pounds a year. It is estimated that 37% of the population of developed countries and 41% of developing countries, […]