Massage Therapy

Back in Motion provides a range of expert massage services. Massage therapy delivered by our fully qualified massage therapist has a host of health and wellbeing benefits including:

  • Relaxation
  • Reduces Muscle Tension & Spasms
  • Mobilises the Joints
  • Improves blood Circulation
  • Balances and Increases Energy
Balances and Increases Energy

We offer the following massage services, according to your personal requirements:

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a deep, rigorous soft tissue massage designed to help sports people and athletes relieve deep muscle tension and stiffness. The benefits of sports massage include:

  • Preparing the body for optimal performance
  • Speeding up recovery and muscular repair after events
  • To remain injury free
  • Sports massage assists in the rehabilitation and healing of injuries

Remedial massage

Remedial is a deep style of massage designed to help the following complaints:

  • Relieving chronic muscular tension and pain, particularly in the back, shoulder and neck
  • Decreasing muscle spasm
  • Relieving stiffness
  • Soften and align scar tissue
  • Remove muscle adhesions
  • Improve muscle tone

Therapeutic massage

This is a lighter, gentler massage designed to promote health and wellbeing. Therapeutic massage can help with:

  • Relaxation
  • The relief of stress
  • Soothing muscular aches
  • Improving circulation to the muscles and the removal of toxins
  • Improving flexibility and mobility
  • Improving skin and muscle tone

To book a treatment, or to further discuss your requirements, please contact your nearest clinic and we can get you placed with our most specialist professional suited to your needs.

Please contact your nearest nearest clinic to discuss your requirements so we can get you placed with our most specialist professional suited to your needs.

Massage Therapy