Our Services - Rehabilitation

At Back in Motion we believe that rehabilitation plays a central part in the recovery from almost all injuries. It is often frustrating when we hear people tell us that they have had treatment before but that after a period of being pain free the problem has returned.

To achieve this not only do we have state of the art rehabilitation facilities in all of our clinics but we also employ specific rehabilitation specialists to aid in your recovery.

Options include:

1:1 rehabilitation sessions

Group 'Rehab Pilates' sessions

Gym membership to work on your own bespoke programme

Make sure to talk to your Physiotherapist about the option that suits you the best.

Sports Rehabilitation

Athletes and Physiotherapy

Back in Motion specializes in sports injury rehabilitation, with an experience working with Elite athletes that spans over 10 years. Our understanding of the demands of your sport, and the resulting sports injuries, are essential to our expert care.

We have a specialized knowledge and wealth of experience of treating athletes from the following sporting disciplines:






Racket sports


Martial arts

Dancers and Gymnastics

We can work with all athletic injuries as our principles of assessment and treatment are adapted to the functional movement patterns of each discipline. To further discuss your treatment and recovery, call us now to book an appointment with an expert on our team who specializes in rehabilitation for your sport.

Physiotherapy can help athletes of all performance levels in the following ways:

By analyzing your muscle balance, posture and functional movement and control, we can help you to prevent injuries and improve your technique and optimize your athletic performance.

We can diagnose and treat any injuries, past or present, that may be preventing you performing to your highest ability.

Advise and develop strengthening and conditioning programmes suited to your needs and performance goals.

Advise and develop on specific flexibility and stretching programmes suited to your needs and performance goals.

Liaise with you and your existing team of coaches and advisors, to compliment your training programmes with our treatment plan.

Please call your nearest practice for more information.


Our gym is available to anyone wishing to embark on a supervised programme of exercise. Comprising Clinical Pilates equipment, Reformer Pilates, rehabilitation and cardio training machines, the Back in Motion gym accommodates needs across the fitness spectrum. Our staff will help you to get the most out of the programme devised for you each time you come to the clinic. You can book in for a fitness training session or one-to-one Reformer Pilates session in the gym with one of our trainers, or as an existing client, use the gym unsupervised. As your fitness and mobility improve, your personal programme will be updated and enhanced in order to ensure that you achieve your own personal fitness goals.

Please call your nearest practice to book or discuss your training plan.