Our Conditions - Chronic Pain

Around seven million people in the UK live with chronic pain and it can affect those who suffer in all aspects of their lives. The good news is that modern techniques of pain management can dramatically improve the quality of life of those who experience chronic pain of some sort.

What is Chronic Pain?

The medical profession describes this condition as pain that continues for three months or more and may not respond to medical treatment. The important thing to consider here is that chronic pain differs from acute pain which is the normal signal that a sudden injury or incident has occurred to cause a pain which will then recede.

Chronic pain does not pass but persists and it is this aspect which makes it hard for both a diagnosis and treatment. Chronic pain can sometimes co-exist with other conditions such as fatigue, loss of appetite and depression so it very important to deal with chronic pain and lessen its impact on everyday life.

What can Back in Motion do to help you?

Our physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in recognising chronic pain in all its various forms and have developed many techniques for managing the pain and helping patients to cope with their pain. Our clinics offer a variety of treatments including massage, Aquatic Therapy and acupuncture. As physiotherapists, we believe passionately that moderate and supervised exercise can hugely benefit sufferers of chronic pain and we will devise specific exercise plans to restore mobility, strength and fitness.

What can I do to help my chronic pain?

Over recent years, self-management has been viewed as central in treating those who suffer from chronic pain. We encourage our patients to fully understand their pain and recognise individual triggers that exacerbate the condition. We can work with you to set goals and objectives so that your pain does not interfere with daily life. Our physiotherapists will be more than happy to discuss current thinking on self-management programmes for chronic pain.

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