Our Conditions - Joint Pain

Put simply, pain is a protective mechanism that alerts the brain when damaged has occurred.

Pain may be caused by:

A physical injury or damage to body tissues, such as ligaments or tendons

Chemicals produced as the result of a process called inflammation

Damage to nerves or nerve endings

With an assessment by one of our Chartered Physiotherapists we shall be able to identify the structure or structures causing your pain and then plan how we can help to resolve this with you.

Physiotherapy at Back in Motion can help you to:

Understand your condition

Manage / improve your pain

Offer hands on treatment where appropriate

Teach you techniques and exercises to help yourself

Improve your fitness

If you have any questions please get in touch by calling 01953 604 331 or emailing us on info@back-in-motion.co.uk

To begin your treatment plan, please call your nearest practice for bookings or further information.