Our Services - Personal Training

At Back in Motion, we believe an active lifestyle is fundamental to peak wellbeing and physical wellness. Beyond our physiotherapy and rehabilitation care, we also offer personal fitness training catering to all levels of fitness.

Our professional trainers will work with you to set goals and create a bespoke personal training plans according to your requirements and ability. Our fitness training ranges from one-to-one Reformer Pilates to cardio and HIIT training circuits. Whether you wish to tone up, or work towards optimizing your performance and beating your personal best at an upcoming event, we have a trainer who specializes in your needs.

We offer:

Bespoke one-to-one Reformer Pilates

Cardio fitness training

Sports-specific performance training

Weight and fat-loss exercise programmes

Flexibility and agility training

HIIT-style training and workout programmes

Post-natal personal training

Strength & Conditioning

If you have any questions please get in touch by calling 01953 604 331 or emailing us on info@back-in-motion.co.uk

To begin your treatment plan, please call your nearest practice for bookings or further information.