Our Conditions - Neck Pain

Along with back pain, neck pain is a very common condition and affects many of us at some point in our lives. The joints and muscles found in our necks become stiff and tight and this causes pain and discomfort and can affect our ability to perform daily tasks like driving because turning our heads becomes difficult and painful.

What is neck pain?

There is no single cause of neck pain, rather, a series of common triggers such as sleeping in a different position or changing your pillows. Our modern lives place strain on our necks when we use mobile phones, and hunch over laptops and tablets and daily habits like texting or spending too much time on mobiles can lead to pain and aches in the neck. Anxiety and stress can also contribute towards a stiffness and tension in the neck muscles.

How can Back in Motion help me?

Neck pain can be very successfully treated and managed by physiotherapy and our therapists can assess the likely causes of your neck pain, help reduce tightness and stiffness through gentle manual treatment and devise individual programmes to help restore normal movement and reduce future pain.

What can I do to help my neck pain?

A Back in Motion programme will enable you to manage your pain and help identify likely triggers in the future.

Ensure that you sleep with an appropriate size pillow and avoid sitting and sleeping in draughts. Make sure you use the correct posture when working at a computer and using a mobile phone for long periods of time.

Use recommended techniques to reduce stress and learn simple exercises that you can perform at home to manage the pain.

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