Online Classes

Physiotherapy is a clinical treatment which assists people in recovering from an injury, condition or illness in regaining movement, mobility and wellbeing through manual therapy and prescribed exercises.

We are unable to bring you a class in clinic currently but our classes can be accessed up to 6 times a day at different times, with a range of classes to suit everyone’s fitness and needs.

Pre-recorded classes

Delivered by our regular staff class titles include:

  • Pilates Beginner & Intermediate & Advanced
  • Posture & Stretch
  • HIIT
  • Back Pain specific class
  • Over 60’s class

Live streamed classes

Live streamed to a very small number of clients (like our normal in clinic classes) so our Physiotherapists can help you exercise safely and interact with you so you benefit from the attention to detail that you are used to. The types of live streamed classes include:

  • Rehabilitation classes: suited to individuals with rehabilitation goals, whether just returning from injury or have a specific set of personal fitness and health goals in mind. You will need to have a 30 min as-sessment and programme set up, prior to joining this class if you are not currently under treatment with us.
  • Fitness Pilates Classes: small class suited to non injured clients but supported and adapted where possible if a client struggles with a particular movement

Or via our app:

Motion Health and wellness

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